Active since 2006 Deep-Design Studio consists of a knit and expert design team whose research is aimed at establishing a global quality, deepening on the one hand the ITER project and the construction techniques, on the other hand the cost control, the analysis and the total quality management of the embodiment. Is responsible for the design and architecture on different scales of intervention from the exhibit design interior, from architecture to graphic design and visual communication, passing for product design, also thanks to the synergies enabled by previous experiences carried out in various areas of creative design and technique of production and of handicraft and industrial, logistics and handling, coordination and management.



some of the latest working projects

Fumetti Nei Musei 2019/2020

Bruschettini_99° Congresso Nazionale Soi Rome

Molteni stand 73° Congresso Siaarti Rome

Sky Corner_Cagliari Store





In the course of the years we have implemented various synergies with companies (companies with significant expertise in the field of organization and planning, architecture, communication, production, engineering, supply, services, technique) highly specialized companies that cooperate stably with the group in such a way as to respond in a comprehensive way to all types of services requested.

  • Design research, review and analysis;
  • Interpretative and experiential masterplanning;
  • Feasibility studies and business planning;
  • Branding & experiential marketing strategies;
  • Environmental design encompassing museum and galleries, visitor centers, visitor attractions, Expo pavillons, corporate brand experience, installations, events and more;
  • Interactive exhibit design;
  • Multimedia design;
  • Furniture design;
  • Lighting design;
  • Project management;
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Excellence of design and its successful execution, quality and research are central to our approach, every project is a unique opportunity to valorize client's vision and to take them beyond their expectations. A high level of personal service, coupled with respect for the precious resources of cost and time, therefore distinguishes our unique relationship with client.

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We work across a range of disciplines including architecture, retail and hospitality design.

  • Concept design;
  • Moodboard scenery, materials, colours, appeal;
  • Preliminary draft;
  • Final draft;
  • Executive project;
  • Costo analysis;
  • Metric calculations and specifications;
  • Works management;
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Visually unappealing marketing material suggests a brand that doesn’t take itself seriously, never mind its clients. We are seasoned in composing high-quality graphic material to perfectly compliment brands. Logos, business cards, company profiles, advertisements, newsletters, and infographics, are only some of the design products we offer. With a fresh take on designer trends and a superb eye for detail, our design team never leaves a pixel out of place.    

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Our focus is the balance between creativity and constraints, art and engineering, development and product design, to create projects with both aesthetic and innovative value but always with an eye to the production process. Interacting with engineering and branding people we assimilated their language, and this contamination is influencing our development process from the first steps to the delivery.

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